Rockwool Insulation


PIMAT AISLA is the authorised distributer of Rockwool 001 in Spain and Portugal.  This Rockwool is flame-retardant and inflammable, while also waterproof and porous, which means it acts as acoustic insulation as well. The Rockwool we use here at PIMAT AISLA, Rockwool 001, has a Lambda thermal conductivity of 0.038W/m*K for 001 wool. It is non-toxic with an emissions level of M1 according to French standards; it is bio-dissolvable and has been proved non-carcinogenic.

It is important to bear in mind that insulation services using Rockwool should always be carried out by companies like PIMAT who are specialised and certified by the manufacturer according to AVIS TECHNIQUE 20_04-38. These companies use special pumping equipment.

PIMAT recommends the use of Rockwool for:

  • Pumped insulation in false ceilings, in porticos where there are water pipes.
  • Pumped isolation in non-waterproofed roofs where there are leaks.
  • Pumped isolation near chimneys, boilers, hot water pipers.
  • Pumped isolation in air wells between floors.
  • Pumped isolation in vent chambers (except in basements)
  • Pumped isolation for false ceilings in public businesses.
  • Pumped isolation in the façades of tall buildings.


How is Rockwool applied?

Here at PIMAT we can get the job done in just one day for flats and one or two days for houses. For one job, we make various holes of 25mm in diameter from the exterior façade or of 40mm-80mm if we need to pump isolation into false ceilings or plaster partitions from the inside. The material becomes completely compact on the inside of the cavity with a density of 70 kg/m3 +- 20 kg/m3.

Where are we?

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