Isobead System

PIMAT AISLA uses isobeads, an innovative thermal system for insulating homes. These systems use EPS beads with glue which means they can be pumped in and then solidify inside the chamber like in a cast. The EPS beads contain graphite, that’s why they’re grey. In this way they reflect heat radiation, stopping all heat from getting out of the home in winter and from getting in during summer.

Here at PIMAT we believe that Isobeads have the following advantages:

  • They don’t come out. With this system it is impossible for material to be lost
  • It’s non-toxic and doesn’t give off gases.
  • It’s a durable material.
  • It’s a reusable material.
  • Low conductivity.
  • Very potent. With a Lambda Conductivity Value of 0.035 it improves insulation even when applying low densities.
  • It doesn’t settle. Since all the balls are glued and create a solid sheet it is impossible for the beads to settle.
  • They are small beads of around 4-8mmm, the form contains a lot more graphite than the more commonly-used bead in construction which are around 8-16mm, reflecting more infrared radiation. Furthermore, this size is ideal because it prevents air from passing through the material, giving a better result.
  • The system includes fire-retardant additive, meaning that it complies with LOE legislation.
  • They have German certification. They have been approved and certified by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik and expressly certified to be inserted into vent chambers.
  • This is a waterproof material, as required by the Spanish regulations (LOE), to be injected into façade vent chambers.

PIMAT recommends using them for:

  • Insulating dry cavities in general
  • Insulating roofs.
  • False ceilings.
  • Laminated plaster walls.
  • Insulation for attics.
  • Insulating low roofs.
  • Insulating low roofs between dovecote partitions.

How is it applied?

It’s very simple. The beads are injected through an 18mm hole and the same time as the glue and they spread out perfectly in the vent chamber, creating a sheet that is perfectly suited to partition walls. The material is injected at the same time as the glue. Both materials are pumped using special equipment located on the outside of the house, through hoses.

Work is usually done in one day, unless they house is particularly big. Furthermore, PIMAT AISLA guarantees that it will be done with practically no works at all and no scaffolding. Also, it does not generate any dust, except when drilling the holes. Furthermore, the holes made are of 18mm in diameter, in this way holes in exposed brick walls can be filled with mortar.

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