EPS Bread Insulation


PIMAT AISLA uses EPS beads (expanded polystyrene) with graphite to reflect thermal radiation to fill cavities (4-7 mm diameter thickness). This is a permeable material that doesn’t rot and allows the wall to breathe, covering all the cavities thanks to its size and bead-form; it allows for vent chambers to be covered with cold air convection or hot air in summer. This is not affected by the accumulation of water from condensation and keeps its insulating properties. This is an eco-friendly and economic insulation procedure using shredded paper treated with additives. It is new for Spain but widely used in central European countries and in the UK and US.


It has certified guarantees from the most prestigious institutions for certifications in Europe, DEKRA awarded us the ISO 9001: 2000, the Blue Angel certificate for ecological products, the German magazine TEST, which checks all insulation products on sale on the German by comparing them, has given us a “outstanding” certificate, and the German Construction Institution has rated the product as acceptable for use in construction. The European Certificate from the ETA is valid in Spain.

Here at PIMAT we believe that it has many advantages, such as:

  • It doesn’t settle.
  • It’s non-toxic, it doesn’t give off gases.
  • It’s a durable material.
  • It’s a reusable material.
  • Low conductivity.


Traditional products such as elasticised or flexibilised expanded polystyrene (EPS), widely used in the 70s and 80s as a solution for floating floors to stop impact noise travelling through the floor structures, now have a new role due to the need for acoustic insulation in new building regulations. Thanks to the sheet of graphite, they retain heat and have a conductivity of 0.037 W (m*K).

PIMAT recommends using them for:

  • Insulating dry cavities in general
  • Insulating roofs.
  • False ceilings.
  • Laminated plaster walls.
  • Insulation for attics.
  • Insulating low roofs.
  • Insulating low roofs between dovecote partitions.


How is it applied?


If it is for a flat, PIMAT AISLA can apply the whole system in just one day. 1-2 days if it is a house. At PIMAT we use a prospection drill. We use an endoscope to find out the state of the cavity, the thickness of the pumped insulation and whether there is any existing insulation.   From there on there is no dirt. Not any. We just open holes in the false ceiling or partition wall; we insert hoses or nozzles and then pump in the cellulose at pressure, leaving the cavity completely full of Isofloc insulation. *To insulate thin cavities (vent chambers from 1.5cm in density).

  • Cavities that have interstitial condensation (non-breathable façades).
  • To insulate irregular cavities.
  • To insulate façades with fissures.
  • To insulate in mountainous or extremely cold regions.
  • To insulate chambers in façades from the outside if they are exposed brick walls.

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