Cellulose Insulation


PIMAT AISLA provides thermal insulation with cellulose, using the brand, Isofloc.  This material is made of shredded newspaper, to which we add some additive to make it flame-retardant, fungus-resistant and rat- and insect-proof, creating a material that is insulated both thermally and acoustically, and is surprisingly eco-friendly, since it is made from recycled products.

PIMAT recommends using Isofloc for:

  • Pumping into partition walls
  • Insulation for unused roofs, applying it dry between dovecote partitions that support the roofs, plasterboard partitions, insufflation in roof cavities, etc.
  • Insulation for dry partition walls or laminated plaster partitions.
  • Insulation for wooden or non-insulated roofs.
  • Insulation for cavities in general.
  • Insulation for attics.


How is Isofloc cellulose applied?

It is pumped in by just making a small hole or by spraying. It is therefore not necessary to use scaffolding or to carry out renovation works on the façade to reinforce its insulation. This material is distributed in a uniform way in all of the cavities, avoiding joints and areas that aren’t insulated, and therefore avoiding interstitial condensation and thermal bridges.

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